2019- Workshop Papers

  • Early Fraud Detection with Augmented Graph Learning
    T. Zhao, B. Ni, W. Yu, M. Jiang
    [KDD-DLG 2020] Workshop on Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications

  • Generating Helpful Responses for Intelligent Tech Support
    W. Yu, L. Wu, S. Tao, Y. Deng, Q. Zeng, M. Jiang
    [AAAI-RCQA 2020] Workshop on Reasoning for Complex Question Answering
    [pdf] [poster]

  • Faceted Hierarchy: A New Graph Type to Organize Scientific Concepts and a Construction Method
    Q. Zeng, M. Yu, W. Yu, J. Xiong, Y. Shi, M. Jiang
    [EMNLP-TextGraphs 2019] Workshop on Graph-Based Natural Language Processing
    [pdf] [code]